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Protection in Adventure since 1985


The invention of the avalanche airbag in the 1970s laid the foundation. The patent for it was acquired by Peter Aschauer in 1980, after he himself was exposed to an avalanche situation, and he founded the company ABS Peter Aschauer GmbH. Since then, ABS has been a pioneer in the field of safety equipment for snow sports enthusiasts, supporting mountain sports enthusiasts in creating inspiring experiences in nature and stands for more safety in winter sports since 35 years.


In the 1970s, the Bavarian forester Josef Hohenester discovered that he stayed on the surface in snow slabs with bagged game on his shoulders. This expansion of his own body volume was then tested with large canisters and balloons - the idea of the avalanche airbag was born.

Forstmeister Erfindung Lawinenairbag

1970s –

– 1980s


The enthusiastic skier and entrepreneur Peter Aschauer acquires the patent and founds the company ABS® ("Avalanche Balloon Secutem", whereby "Secutem" is an artificial term consisting of security and system) Peter Aschauer GmbH and starts to develop a system that allows the avalanche victim to increase the volume of the avalanche within seconds so that it does not sink back.

Firmengründung ABS Peter Aschauer


The first fully functional ABS® avalanche airbag is presented at the ISPO.

ISPO erster Lawinenairbag

1985 –

– 1996


The first ABS® system with TwinBags is introduced. In addition, the system is completely changed - the pyrotechnical-pneumatic activation replaces the previous bowden cable.

neues Lawinenairbag System TwinBags


A new airbag material enables optimised folding and placement of the airbag.

neues Material Airbag

2005 –

– 2008


The ABS® Vario-Line, in which the pack volume of the backpacks can be changed quickly and easily by attaching different pack sacks, is presented.

ZipOn Prinzip System Vario Line


ABS heralds a new era in self- and companion rescue with the wireless activation, the radio-controlled partner release. For the first time, the standard radio connection to the partners makes it possible to actively protect partners even before a burial occurs.

Fernauslösung Partnerauslösung

2009 –

– 2010


For the first time, backpacks can be equipped with the lighter carbon cartridge instead of the steel cartridge, which offers a weight reduction of almost 50 percent.

leichtere Carbon Kartusche


ABS starts cooperating with industrial partners who integrate the ABS® system into their backpacks (ABS inside) or produce corresponding ZipOns for the base units (ABS compatible).

Industriepartner Kooperationen ABS Inside ABS Compact

2011 –

– 2012


The Vario base unit can now be equipped with a certified back protector from Komperdell for more safety.


30 Years of ABS

ABS celebrates 30 years of research and innovation. With 50,000 ABS® systems produced this season, ABS remains the market leader in this field.

30 Jahre ABS

2015 –

– 2016


With the P.RIDE System, ABS introduces the new generation of avalanche airbags. With partner activation as standard, 30% more effective surface area, automatic system control and double safety thanks to ABS® TwinBags.

P.ride serienmäßige Partnerauslösung TwinBags

SPIN Capital takes over ABS

The market leader in the field of avalanche airbags will be acquired 100 percent under the leadership of Spin Capital. Dr. Stefan Mohr will also be responsible as managing director in the future. Peter Aschauer will continue to make his contacts and network, which he has built up over the years, available for the benefit of the company, but will hand over operational responsibility.

SPIN Capital Dr. Stefan Mohr Peter Aschauer

2017 –

– 2018


During a press conference at the fair ISPO Munich, the managing director of ABS Protection GmbH, Dr. Stefan Mohr, and Felix Neureuther announced their strategic partnership, which goes beyond an obligation as testimonials.

Felix Neureuther Dr. Stefan Mohr Gesellschafter


The new ABS® s.LIGHT is the first avalanche backpack with the proven ABS® Twinbag System, whose base unit weighs less than 2 kg. However, this weight optimization in no way means a loss in safety or functionality.

s.Light TwinBag System ABS Gewichtoptimierung

2018 –

– 2019


Together with freerider Géraldine Fasnacht, ABS develops a new avalanche backpack which for the first time has a certified high altitude harness integrated.

s.Cape Geraldine Fasnacht zertifizierter Hochtourengurt


Even after 35 years, ABS still stands for Protection in Adventure. In 2020, the company is presenting itself with a new brand image, completely renewed product design and portfolio and is introducing its first digital products - all under the new claim "Enjoy your wild", which is intended to inspire people to live out their passion for nature.

enjoy your wild markenrelaunch

2020 –

– 2020

German Design Award

The new day touring backpack A.CROSS wins the German Design Award in the category Excellent Product Design - Sports, Outdoor Activities and Leisure. This is one of the most renowned design awards worldwide and enjoys a high reputation far beyond professional circles. Those who succeed against the top-class competition have successfully proven that they belong to the best.

German Design Award 2021 A.Cross Gewinner