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With the equipment the tour stands or falls. Without good equipment, the most beautiful adventure can turn into pure torture. There are products that have to go on the tour - others can go. Here you will find some big and small helpers for the right equipment on the mountain.

Lawinenausrüstung A.SSURE


EVERY participant in a group should have the complete standard emergency equipment with them.

This consists of:

  • 3-antenna avalanche transceiver system device
  • Probe
  • Metal shovel

The avalanche transceiver should always be set to "Send" (function control) and worn on the body during the tour. Depending on the situation, it is recommended to supplement this emergency equipment.



The avalanche airbag reduces the burial depth and serves as an additional marker. You can find out exactly what is important at ABS® Technology. The avalanche backpack also offers enough space for the necessary equipment. The backpack should have ski attachment, a compartment for emergency equipment and, if available, other functions. The ABS® A.LIGHT is the ideal companion for your ski tours. Optionally the base can be extended with the 15 or 25 litre extension pack.

Lawinenrucksack A.LIGHT


The requirements for clothing can vary greatly depending on the ski tour. Temperatures can vary from "crisp cold in the morning" to "almost too warm in the afternoon". Softshell pants are therefore ideal for ski tours and can be supplemented with thermal pants. Visit our Home of Adventure Partner PYUA and equip yourself with the right clothes for your next ski tour.


Choosing the right shoe takes time and a thorough inspection of the options. The shoe should not only fit, but should also "fit you". Depending on the area of use and type of ski tour, individual requirements are needed. Modern ski touring boots are quite light. The upper is super flexible in ascent mode and provides sufficient support on the descent. Already at the time of purchase, care should be taken to ensure that the handling is easy and self-explanatory.


Especially in soft snow the plate on the ski pole is the ridge between pleasure and agony. If the plate on the ski pole is missing, there is no grip and the pole sinks deeply into the snow again and again. A spare plate in your luggage costs and weighs almost nothing, but can save you a lot of suffering.


Cleated skins can make your ascent to hell. A simple wax bar can usually provide a quick remedy. Rub the fur dry, treat it with the wax bar and the tour continues - without lumps of snow on the fur.


As is well known, ski fur should last forever, but in practice this is unfortunately sometimes different. And if the fur doesn't last, there is layer in the shaft. Adhesive pads based on double-sided adhesive tape are the helper in an emergency.


Less is more - often a simple piece of equipment can be the saviour in an emergency. Cable ties as a replacement buckle for the ski boot, the defective binding or the skin that no longer sticks. Here, too, the same applies: weighs little and costs little.

The backpack also contains a map for orientation, a mobile phone, possibly a radio for alerting (incomplete network coverage in the mountains) and a first aid kit.